Join us for an insightful luncheon Friday, April 26 at 12pm featuring Nicole Dow, a dynamic individual who will be sharing her unique journey and insights on the value of transferable skills. Formerly a career journalist, Nicole unexpectedly found herself leading her family’s footwear business at the onset of the pandemic. Despite lacking prior experience in retail or footwear, Nicole leveraged her transferable skills to steer the store successfully through challenging times.

Discover how Nicole’s adaptable skills played a crucial role in enhancing visibility and profitability for the business during the pandemic. Gain valuable perspectives on the importance of transferable skills in navigating diverse career paths.

The event will culminate in a Q&A session, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage directly with Nicole and delve deeper into her experiences and lessons learned. Don’t miss this chance to glean insights from a professional who defied expectations and thrived in unfamiliar territory.

Join us for a catered luncheon on Friday, April 26 at 12pm hosted at GFA Federal Credit Union. Be prepared for an enriching discussion that transcends industry boundaries and highlights the significance of transferable skills in the ever-evolving landscape of career opportunities.


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