On Friday, June 19, Governor Baker announced that MA would begin Step 2 of the Phase 2 reopening of businesses on Monday, June 22.
The Commonwealth’s average for infections had dropped to 2.3%, a 92% drop since mid-April.
The Governor reinforced that the actions we are all taking are having a significant impact on the spread of the virus. “This progress we are making is encouraging and proves we are moving in the right direction as we continue our gradual reopening.” He added that “We are making the progress we are making because of the actions that people here in MA are taking every day” and added that it “proves that if we are vigilant and stay disciplined, we can do both — reopening and containing COVID” while reminding everyone that it only works when everybody does their job to contain the spread.
  • Indoor dining will be permitted
  • Offices will be permitted to operate at 50% capacity
  • Close contact personal services
  • Retail dressing rooms by appointment only


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