Governor Charlie Baker has announced a new preregistration signup tool for the state’s 7 mass vaccination sites starting Friday, March 12. The new system will make it easier to request and book an appointment at a mass vaccination site at a nearby location when they are available. This will replace the weekly appointment release for mass vaccination sites. More sites will be added in April.

Program Details:

  • Eligible residents will complete the online form at to request to book an appointment at a mass vaccination site nearby.
  • After completing the form, residents will get a confirmation via their preferred method of contact (text, e-mail, phone) and receive a weekly update about their status. Residents may opt out of their preregistration at any time if they secure an appointment elsewhere.
  • When an appointment becomes available at a mass vaccination site, the resident will be notified and will have 24 hours to accept the appointment once it is offered to them. If an appointment is not accepted after 24 hours, the resident will go back into the queue to wait for another appointment.
  • To accommodate older residents and others who are unable to use the form, the preregistration form allows family members, caregivers or other companions to fill out the form on behalf of someone else. Residents who do not have internet access or someone to fill the form out for them can call 2-1-1 to preregister.

Given the limited number of available appointments due to constraints on vaccine supply, it could take several weeks for eligible, preregistered residents to receive a notification about an available appointment. 

In addition to preregistering for a mass vaccination appointment, eligible residents are encouraged to book vaccine appointments at any of the 170 public vaccine sites across the Commonwealth by searching for

For more details, see press release.

Please visit the Heywood Healthcare and City of Gardner websites regularly for updates on vaccine information and appointment availability in the Greater Gardner region.

Please note: The Better Business Bureau warns again sharing photos of vaccination cards via social media. Learn more hereGardner Police Department warns not to share personal information with people you do not know. Do not give out information to strangers or those posing as vaccine clinic helpers on social media.


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